Himalayan River Fun

Booking Information

Payment/cancellation policy

  • Full amount paid to the company before your trip starts and 30% advance for the conformation trip
  • Cancellation should be made 48 hours before departure and 33% cancellation charge is approved beside tax, transportation, permits and other fixed expenses In case of incomplete Rafting / Kayaking/ Fishing days due to the tourist own problem the amount of money paid not refundable.
  • If clients want to do Rafting/Kayaking/Fishing, more then the itinerary, they can pay directly to the guide per day per person basic.

Release and assumption of risk
By the booking on this expedition you acknowledge that there is an element of risk involved, Himalayan River Fun, its agent associated and suppliers accept no responsibility for any illness, injury or death.

I assume all risks while traveling by aircraft, bus, private vehicle, water craft, water gear All medical expenses I incur, including rescue by whatever means, medical and repatriation costs are paid by me. Information by me of my insurance details are both true and accurate I fully assume all risks and release Himalayan River Fun, its agents, associates and suppliers from any responsibility.

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