Karnali River Rafting

Karnali River Facts

Grade for Autumn: Sep - Dec III to V

Grade for Spring: Feb to May III to IV

Possible operation: Round the year

Departure: Fix and on request

Rafting days: 10 days (KTM to KTM)

Entrance by: 19 hours bus ride from Kathmandu led you to Surkhet

Put-in point: Sauli

Put-out point: Chisapani

River distance: 180 km.

Optional trips to: Bardia National Park for an excellent safari trip or drive back to KTM.

Numbers of pax: Minimum 6 persons

Trip Price: Contact Us

Karnali River Rafting


  • Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting on one of the most challenging rivers in Nepal
  • See stunning views of the Himalayas and the Karnali Gorge
  • Visit traditional villages and learn about Nepali culture
  • Enjoy delicious Nepali food prepared by your guides
  • Make new friends from all over the world
  • Karnali River is one of the longest and most remote rivers in Nepal. It is also one of the most challenging rivers for rafting, with Class IV and V rapids. Karnali River rafting is an adventure for experienced rafters who are looking for a wild and exciting experience.

    Karnali River Rafting rafting trip typically takes 8-10 days. The trip starts in the town of Kalyandada, which is located in the western Terai region of Nepal. From Kalyandada, the rafters travel to the put-in point, which is located about 2 hours away. The rafting trip then winds its way through the Karnali Gorge, passing through a series of rapids, waterfalls, and villages. The rafters typically camp on the riverbanks overnight, and enjoy delicious Nepali food prepared by their guides.

    The Karnali River rafting trip is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Nepal. The river is surrounded by stunning mountains, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. The rafters will also have the opportunity to visit traditional villages and learn about Nepali culture.

    If you are looking for an exciting and adventurous vacation, the Karnali River rafting trip is a great option. The trip is challenging but rewarding, and you will be sure to have an unforgettable experience

    Karnali River Rafting Itinerary

    A unique river passing through the two greenery hills usually explored by beginner and intermediate kayak learners and rafters. It has impressive gorges exciting rapids on its small volume white water.

    Day 01: Kathmandu –Nepalgunj flight- Surkhet Drive.
    You will be transferred to Surkhet via Nepalgunj Flight by airway in the afternoon in a domestic airlines enjoying scenic beauty of Nepal with the views of Mountains and green hills. Surkhet is regional headquarter of Mid-Western region of Nepal so you can stay overnight luxuriously. You can travel in Night bus to reach Surkhet which is cheaper but takes more than 12 hrs to reach there. Overnight in Guest House.

    Day 02: Drive to Sauli – 5hrs.
    On this day, you will be driven to Sauli which is the out-in point for Karnali River rafting. While travelling through the villages and picturesque views of the surrounding, you feel like you are in wonderland. Everything around you looks fresh and impressive. There you stay overnight exploring the surrounding area in the evening.

    Day 03: Rafting Starting Day.
    On this day, rafting adventure in Karnali starts there from Sauli. Rafting continues in the wilderness of karnali facing the challenges of big bounces and rapids in big water. Rafting continues with excitements sometimes forgetting to breathe in handling the technical difficulties. We stay overnight in a camp by the river.

    Day 04: Rafting to God-house.
    This day rafting is more challenging. Rafters can experience the real flow of the river while they are having adventures. The rafting continues through pristine jungles with the opportunities to explore passing some gorges and really challenging rapids. You stay overnight in the God-House area.

    Day 05: Rafting to Seti Dovan
    This day adventure is too not less than yesterdays. So many high bounces and rapids is to be handled while floating in the rivers. The excitement reaches its height in white water where you dip into the waters from rapids. Enjoying the adventurous rafting, we stay in Seti Dovan area in a camp.

    Day 06: Rafting to Jamuna Village
    Rafting continues with the excitement and enjoying astonishing views of the natural landscapes. Breath stopping challenges in the river make you restless and overwhelmed. The journey in the water of Karnali is mostly adventurous with magnificent views of jungles and natural lives. We stay overnight in a camp in Jamuna village area.

    Day 07- 10: Rafting pleasantly to reach Chisapani.
    These days rafting is pleasant enough when you reach at the confluence of Seti River. The river broadens and many kayakers can be found in the river. You can rest for one day to explore the surrounding area with the team or can ask for information about the region with your guide. The rapids in the river can be felt dying out so challenges are not to be faced in water adventure. After reaching at Chisapani rafting adventure comes to the put-out point. Drive to Nepalgunj Airport to fly Kathmandu. On arrival Kathmandu, Transfer to Hotel. There are options to visit Bardia National Park or retrieving back to Kathmandu. National park exploration is best way to add more adventure.